Overcome these belowed limitations,you will become a legend in the LOL game…

Weak map recognition
One of the mistakes that low ranked players often make is not paying attention to the minimap and not being aware of what’s going on around them. There is one thing that the writer feels that these players often do not take advantage of the Totem Eye equipment, this equipment is completely free and if used well, it is relatively easy to plug in more than 10 eyes.

Want to improve this, as long as you regularly look at the minimap, just detect the enemy’s red dot on the minimap in a split second, you have succeeded. Use accessory items like Totem Eye, Scanner, … on a regular basis, because these items don’t cost any money, so why not take advantage of them? Plus and be sure to wear headphones to hear what your teammates ping on the map. Just being aware and coming to help your teammates will make the match easier and increase your chances of winning.

Poor Mentality
Always keep in mind that you may have to fight with all… 9 remaining players (fight 5 opponents and weigh 4 teammates). I know you have teammates, but if you don’t define yourself as a team player, who will do it?

When other players touch your family (cursing, insulting, etc.), ignore them and keep yourself a stable competitive spirit.

No specific goal
The next mistake is that players often perform actions that are quite confusing, for example, why farm and push mid while on the small map is losing 5 enemy members? At this point, they will reply, “I can’t, because right now I don’t know what to do besides farming”. There are tons of things to do in a match such as assisting the enemy to gank, farming the jungle, breaking wards, etc. And the reason they make this mistake is because they feel impatient, won’t accept. Think about what you should do and most importantly don’t have experience in long matches.

In order to solve this problem, you need to learn more about how pro players act in various stages of the game through streaming. Learn from that and become a guide to what your teammates in each match should do. Of course there will be people who oppose and refuse to listen, but as long as you show your knowledge and good skills, they will tend to listen to the best players in that match.

Play a lot of Yasuo despite poor skills

The first champion that I usually choose is also the champion that brings excitement (and horror) to matches. If you notice, the youths who work for low rank, usually when Banned and Selected, will ban Yasuo immediately because they have a motto “Not afraid of a strong enemy team, only afraid of a stupid team”. With a beautiful combo, the ability to carry the team extremely high even though it has been nerfed quite a lot, players holding Yasuo can completely show off their skills or coordinate with teammates to flip the bet for the team. This champion is relatively versatile, can go many lanes, possesses magical damage, is highly annoying to opponents, and often has Outplay moments that make players “a step into the clouds”. This makes the team players give a lot of “favor” to Yasuo. However, how the group holds Yasuo, you probably already understand.

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