What’s “Hit & Run” Korean Style, How to do in League of Legend?

Hit and run means a combination of Fight and Move, it is a form of flying, this allows the Hero to both move and attack when being chased.

The advantage that Hit and Run brings
Maximize damage:

  • Hut and Run allows you to deal the most damage and take the least damage in return. Enemies really follow your movement and have little chance of touching your body. The fighting style is very suitable for weak generals with strong hand damage.
  • In addition, Hit and Run also helps you easily dodge the Skill and return the Skill accurately in the direction of the enemy’s movement.

Eliminate redundant actions:

With just one extra move, the opponent can send the board to the counting board. Hit and Run and perform moves while waiting for your next attack will help you eliminate these superfluous moves.

Which champion Hit and Run is the best LOL
Usually Hit And Run is only suitable for ADC, because:

  • Have range: Distance is important at the start of Hit and Run, helping you stay out of range of enemy champions.
  • Strong hand attack: Hit and Run usually only focuses on the task of hitting + moving, not using Skill + moving.

Good Hit and Run ADC

  • Ashe
  • Caitlyn


  • Vayne
  • Tristana
  • Jinx

Good Hit and Run evaluation criteria:

  • Move as soon as the attack ends.
  • Limit at least the enemy to touch you.
  • Good direction of movement, not blocked by obstacles.

Korean way of Hit and Run LOLOL
Faker is an extremely cool gamer in using Hit and Run skills. Usually other gamers want to chase, or gank Faker, which costs quite a lot.

Step : 1 Switch to using the key combination A + (Left click) to attack
Usually you just click the mouse, but to be able to Hit and Run well, the first step is to change the way you hit the target with the A key + left click.

  • Avoid clicking on the wrong target, or slipping on one side will be extremely dangerous.
  • The A + left mouse charge combination helps to stick to the attack target even if it is out of sight, or the skills cover your eyes.
  • Target positioning is more accurate if there are many objects around.

If you are more professional, you can install the following:
Go to hotkeys -> click and type -> select A

Now you just need to press A and then point the mouse at the position to type without clicking anymore. When you master this method, it will help you optimize your time better.

Step : 2 Change passive farming with Hit and run
If you often watch League of Legends tournaments, you will see that professional gamers are never in the right place to farm, but they often Hit and Run because:

  • Avoid bleeding.
  • Actively dodge when the enemy jungle ganks.

Actively attack when given the opportunity.

Some other requirements for good Hit and Run Run
Support equipment:
Good Hit and Run requires equipment to increase: running speed, armor penetration, attack speed such as: ghost dance two swords, wind god sword, three swords, nameless sword, ..

Using a gaming mouse
The design of the gaming mouse allows you to easily Hit and Run. So if you have the conditions, you should invest in a good mouse to play games.

Any skill requires serious practice to succeed. Hit and Run is a difficult skill you have to really master to master.

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